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Breach of Contract Claims

Most commercial disputes involve some form of contractual agreement between the parties that is the basis of each party’s rights and obligations. However, depending upon the type of agreement, there may be specific provisions that are standard to the respective industry. Henrichsen Law Group has represented both individuals and businesses in a wide-range of contractual disputes involving for example:

  • banking agreements
  • construction contracts
  • insurance policies and bond agreements
  • employment contracts
  • contracts for the sale of goods governed by the U.C.C.
  • service agreements

More specifically, we have represented clients in various contractual disputes that include, but are not limited to:

  • non-performance
  • partial performance
  • delayed performance
  • anticipatory breach
  • rescission
  • breach of warranty
  • accord and satisfaction
  • open account and account stated
  • specific performance
  • promissory estoppel
  • quantum meruit/unjust enrichment

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