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Commission Disputes and Sales Employees

In recent years, companies in various industries that rely on sales representatives as a major source of revenue have reneged on agreements and refused to pay full commissions owed to their employees.

Many businesses will attempt to deny or withhold commissions owed by using complex formulas and commission payment plans.  However, legal protections and claims founded in contract and unpaid wage statutes are available to ensure that commissions agreed upon and owed are properly compensated.  Careful evaluation and analysis of commission agreements and the specific facts involving the sales services performed are necessary to ensure that contract breaches, fraudulent or negligent misrepresentations, and other business torts are not being used by employers to deny or withhold commissions.

Sales employees also often find themselves being subjected to illegal forms of discrimination because they are not perceived by their employers as fitting the mold.  Companies that illegally discriminate against sales representatives may either create a “glass ceiling” preventing advancement and promotion or simply refuse to hire based upon protected characteristics such as race, gender, age, disability, religion or national origin.

Henrichsen Law Group has extensive experience in representing sales employees in sales industries such as computer software, securities, medical supply and pharmaceutical to name a few.  Companies should not be allowed to use misrepresentations and false promises to get rich off of the hard work of their employees.  Discrimination can be a serious problem for sales employees and should not be tolerated.  Henrichsen Law Group attorneys protect the rights of those sales workers and preserve the value of their commissions earned.

If you are a sales employee who has been denied commissions for which you believe are owed and due to you, or if you believe you are being or have been discriminated against, contact the law firm of Henrichsen Law Group, P.L.L.C. for a thorough and attentive consultation of your case.

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