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Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination in the workplace is a widespread problem throughout the United States and it can affect individuals of both genders. Unequal treatment in pay, promotions and job assignments continues to be accepted by many employers as part of the normal work environment. Employment acts and practices that are based solely upon a person’s gender are very rarely acceptable and should be addressed immediately. Although gender discrimination may be obvious and include sexist comments, jokes, or acts, it can often be subtle and take the form of non-expressive action. Gender discrimination, whether expressed or implied is unlawful and employers who engage in these practices need to be held accountable.

Examples of gender discrimination may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • unequal wages, benefits, and job assignments based upon sex
  • failure to promote or implementing a “glass ceiling” where persons of a particular gender are not given the same promotional opportunities or are prevented from obtaining the same promotional opportunities as their counterparts
  • failure to provide the same training and on-the-job educational tools to persons of a particular gender in an effort to prevent advancement
  • gender oriented management structures which are aimed at excluding persons of a particular gender

It is imperative to know what action to take when faced with gender discrimination to protect your legal rights. Contact Henrichsen Law Group, P.L.L.C. immediately for a consultation.

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