Neil Henrichsen Named By Super Lawyers Magazine 2022 As Top Florida Business Litigation Lawyer

Neil L. Henrichsen has been named by Super Lawyers Magazine 2022 as a top Business Litigation lawyer in the State of Florida.  For many years, the legal profession has charged businesses hourly fees for business dispute litigation where the law firm is paid win or lose.   However, results oriented contingency or hybrid attorney fee arrangements allow the pursuit of business claims for companies or individuals that may not have the budget for hourly representation.  Henrichsen Law Group, P.L.L.C.  has represented individuals, small businesses to Fortune 500 companies as plaintiffs in commercial cases, including claims involving commission disputes for executives and pay claims by professionals, business torts, commercial fraud, negligence, accountant and other professional malpractice, banking and other commercial claims in courts and alternative dispute resolution forums throughout the United States.

What You Should Know About Contingency Fees

  • A contingency fee means that your company pays no fees unless your case is won or obtains a recovery.
  • Attorneys will work on your behalf and pursue compensation for your claims in exchange for a portion of the recovery, and if provided for by law or contract, will seek the attorneys’ fees from the opposing party.
  • Through contingency fees your business is able to level the playing field against larger opponents.
  • You are able to seek what is due your company with no upfront cost for attorneys’ fees.

Henrichsen Law Group attorneys are licensed in Washington, DC, Florida, California, Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Virginia, with offices in Washington, DC, Jacksonville, FL, Miami, FL and New York, NY.  Contact Neil L. Henrichsen regarding your company’s specific situation at