Bill to Ban Arbitration of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Claims Clears House and Senate, on to White House

Arbitration of Sexual Harassment

  A bill amending the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) passed with overwhelming support in the United States Senate on February 10, 2022, to protect employees and consumers from mandatory arbitration for sexual harassment and sexual assault claims. See article. The FAA facilitates dispute resolution through arbitration by creating a process of creating valid arbitration awards…

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FINRA Panel Awards Henrichsen Law Group Client $650k

FINRA Headquarters

Attorneys at Henrichsen Law Group working on behalf of a financial advisor are very pleased to announce that their client was awarded $650,000 in a defamation case before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which is the single largest independent regulatory body for securities firms operating in the United States. The case was based upon…

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Whistleblowers Are Important Sources of Information-Florida Law

Private Sector Whistleblowers in Florida, such as licensed professionals, executives, engineers, professors, etc., have protection under the Florida Whistleblower Act. The Florida Whistleblower Act, provides, in pertinent part, that: An employer may not take retaliatory personnel action against an employee because the employee has (1) Disclosed, or threatened to disclose, to any appropriate governmental agency, under…

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Sex Harassment Claims-What to Know!

What to Know About Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Employees are protected from unwanted sexual attention in the workplace under federal law, Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964, and many state and local laws.  Employees protected under the federal law must work at a facility that employs 15 or more employees, andcovered…

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